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Heyo, you're talking to a pure Viking here XD I'm a girl from Norway, and I've always enjoyed drawing... I've been drawing since I held my first pencil and I am not planning on stopping :)

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I am a huge anime fan and lot's of my art as of now centers around different characters connected to that fandom, be it my own fan characters or real characters from animes XD

Please come join TheHidanFans Here you can ship our lovely Hidan as much as you want to!

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ID picture is my fursona Kintyre!
yeah, lil me from the country up north in Norway has moved half the contry down to a city called Trondheim.

Normally I do not feel safe at all in large cities, and I'm not a fan of cities in general but after touring the city on Sunday I have to admit I'm rather pleased. It has so much beautiful architecture in terms of old buildings, and I've arleady decided to hop on the bus into town one day just to spend the entire afternoon and evening taking pictures of whatever beautiful buildings I come across XD So yeah, Trondheim is a really nice place (so far imo) so I'll give it a chance, and all of the people are so welcoming and nice. No more grumpy busdrivers, hooray!

So I'm renting a bedsit/single room where I share a bathroom and small kitchenette with two adult guys (one is 43 and the other 57). So far I've met one of the guys, his name is Jan and seems to be a really nice person (loves to talk, hes a blabbermouth for sure.) I've yet to meet the other guy, and from what I know he hasn't been at his bedsit for four weeks, but maybe he's just caught up with a shitton of work in Bergen. Anyway's, so Jan explained me their routines and that we share expences for necessities like washing powder, soap and stuff like that. Seems like they have a routine of washing once or twice a month, and vacuming once a week. The vacuming part is all ok, but washing only twice a month is not ok. I took a shower this morning and the glass walls of the shower are really smudgy, because the guys living here don't bother to dry the water of the glass walls so it won't dry into splotches. The floor of it also has yellow brownish streaks across it and I was like ehhhh.... The workbench with the sink and the cabinets is ok, except for the 57 year old guys cabinets, they're downright nasty. And then the fridge, omg when we came here the old guy who I have yet to meet hadn't washed his shelves in like forever, so he had a pack of milk that had expired nearly one year ago and murky onions in one of the basket, and oh the horrible smell. And the rest of the fridge where Jan kept his food was pretty ok, though a little greasy so my mom (who followed me down to Trondheim since its my first time living away) just said "hell no" and started cleaning it, and then she cleaned the drawers and cabinets because they were dusty. And there's no dishwasher, so I'll have to clean the dishes whenever I eat, and the brush we use to clean is so old and dirty so I'm definitely getting myself my own dishwasher brush. Otherwise the kitchen is fine.

So my room is about 15 square meters, and has white walls so despite the low ceiling it appears rather big. I have a nice window with a light proof dropdown covering the window, and my own set of keys so I can lock the door when I'm going away or going to sleep. Since my original home is quite far away from Trondheim I really didn't want to have to bring my own furniture, because it would have been a long and tiring drive. Luckily the one renting me the room said he had furniture and its pretty much okay. So I've got a nice bed, and a nice cabinet with two drawers at the bottom to store my clothes in, and the landlord has ordered a matching section of drawers so I'll have even more space. I got a nice desk as well, which I'm sitting by right now. The height of it is perfect, but I wish it was a bit wider considering the type of homework I'll most likely be getting. So yeah, I was pretty freaked about moving so far away since I'm really home sentered and have trouble settling in at other places, but I slept like a log on my first night here (might have been because of me getting only two hours of sleep night to saturday, not sure.) So the thing I'm wondering about now is money, since food is really expensive in Norway and my scholarship alone isn't enough to supply me with enough resources once my phone bill and rent is paid. My mom will be supporting me with money each month, and my dad will try so hopefully I'll have enough. I have applied and gotten a student loan, but I won't be using anything of it if itsn't absolutely necessary so yeah. I really would like to have a bit of extra money so that I could go to the pub in the city or shop clothes once in a while, but oh well. If it gets tight with the money I might look to apply for work at some seven eleven store or something similar. 

So the school I'm going to is called Thora Storm and is inside this stunning building (Me, my mother and my step dad walked to it when we toured the city). It's really old and dates back to 1783, in which it was a civil secondary school. It looks really high class and is now a high school, and it is where I'll be taking my final year of High School. You can see a picture here >…  (its the one on the bottom right). So I'll be studying interior, and I'm expecting a lot of drawing work in the form of floor plan drawings and the likes so I may be a bit more busy from now on. I'm also expecting actual comissions from private people or businisses around town that me and the class will do for free. If you want info on how the norwegian high school functions (its quite different from the american and british high school) go here and refer to upper secondary school >…
So basically I'm supper excited, and I'm starting tomorrow. On Tuesday my mom and step dad will be leaving and travelling home, so I'll be all alone and miserable XD I do have one person from my previous school at home that I'm hopefully going to be in the same class with so yeah. Oh and did I mention that the school I'm going to will have like 1000+ students, which is a lot compared to my previous one which had about 160 students 0.0 So go me!

Oh yeah, we also went to the Nidaros Cathedral which is a stunning, magnificent, beautiful and marvelous piece of Gothic Architecture from around 1100. It's cuerently the largest stone building in Norway. I've always wanted to visit that cathedral (not because I'm religious, cuz I'm not) because of the stunning architecture. I was nearly brought to tears when I went inside and gazed at all the details inside. Let me tell you it is a very elaborate church and I can't even begin to fanthom how many hours of work has been put into the decorations alone, not to mention the building itself. So we did this really cool thing inside of it where we paid extra to have a guided climb up to the big spire(tower) which is situated in the middle of the cross shaped cathedral. My mom has claustrophobia and I'm a tiny bit claustrophobic as well. You see getting up to the spire involves climbing a steep and extremely narrow staircase which can barely fit one person inside, with a total of 172 narrow, slippery, and uneven steps with different height to get to the narrow balcony surrounding the base of the spire. So I was all macho before the climb, and me and my step dad persuaded mom into taking the climb on the one condition that she be allowed to be the last one in the line of 20 people clmbing the stairs, so she could turn and go down if she became scared (the staircase could fit one person at a time, so it was impossible to turn and walk past the person behind you.) I can't even imagine the poor people that had to climb those stairs back in the 1100's and what they went through 0.0 I was all jello in my feet when we finally reached the top but it was worth it. Climbing up to the spier rewarded you with stunning 360 degree view of the entire city (you had to walk through small towers at each of the four corners though) which was magnificent. The funny thing was that walking down the staircase was even scarier than climbing up XD And there was little and heavy air inside it. If you want to read about the Nidaros Cathedral go here>…
There's a few pictures of the outside of the cathedral in the article (unfortunately you cannot take pictures inside as blitzes are harmful to the stone) If you google Nidarosdomen or Nidaros Cathedral you'll find more detailed pictures. Sadly there are few from the inside of it. 

So basically I'm kind of looking forward to living here for a year 0w0.

So this was my story for the day, Ja Ne :3
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